Ethical & Sustainability Policy

At Jeeves & Jericho Chai, we understand the importance of responsibly sourcing our tea and spices, and strive to work with farmers who are treated fairly. To achieve this goal, we exclusively source our tea from tea gardens that meet the strict standards set by the Ethical Tea Partnership and Rainforest Alliance. These certifications allow us to offer our customers transparency and insight into the sourcing of our tea, ensuring that it comes from ethical and sustainable source.

The Ethical Tea Partnership's standards encompass a variety of areas, including fair compensation, health, housing, and childcare for tea-estate workers. Their aim is to enhance the quality of life for these workers, and they do so through a framework run by member companies that undergo regular external audits to ensure adherence to their principles.


Meanwhile, the Rainforest Alliance focuses on supporting farmers in creating profitable and resilient businesses that respect both workers and the land. They provide training on farming techniques designed to help farms adapt to climate change and preserve the land for future generations. Our partnerships with tea farmers around the world, including those in India, Kenya, and Sri Lanka, allow us to offer high-quality, responsibly sourced tea to our customers.